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Joseph Marx: Video clip of a short broadcast on the Austrian TV (1962)

The video clip that can be viewed or downloaded on this site is, as far as to my knowledge, the only existing motion picture of Joseph Marx. It's being published here by kind permission of the Austrian broadcast corporation ORF.

The clip shows a ceremony in Palais Palffy, Vienna, on the occasion of Marx's 80th birthday on May 11, 1962. It was broadcasted the same day in the Austrian television (ORF).

Since the archival tape of the ORF unfortunately does not have any sound, I created a special soundtrack for the clip. The visitors of this page will hopefully like it. You will be listening to Joseph Marx as pianist accompanying Ljuba Welitsch (soprano) in a historical performance of 1947.


Due to the variety of different operating systems, connection speeds and video software programs, I made the video clip available in many different resolutions and file sizes. These files can be started directly by left-clicking ("streaming"; might fail) or saved by right-clicking (recommended). The faster your connection, the larger the selected file may be.
The duration of the clip is approx. 47 seconds. Please switch on your loudspeakers!

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